The phone to beat? - Honor 20 Pro Launch Event

Honor 20 Pro Launch

On Tuesday, we were invited along to the launch event of the Honor 20 series in Battersea, London. This is what we took away the most from the event.

First of all, what an event! It was very clear that Honor’s PR team were set on making this launch a memorable one and I can assure you, that no expenses were spared in terms of location and dressing. Upon entering the event you were immediately greeted with a fantastic centrepiece, showcasing Honor’s new catchphrase for the series 20, ‘Capture Wonder’.

As to the presentation itself, Honor president George Zhao was the speaker, who was clearly very proud of what the Honor brand had achieved over the last five years of rapid growth. One thing that stood out to me the most is this Launch event was clearly a global occasion for media. I noted a fair amount of journalists from China, Russian and other eastern EU countries in attendance. This certainly surprised me as I was under the initial impression that this was a UK launch event rather than globalised. George specifically seemed to focus on Honor marketing and how the younger generations where their main focus. This is very clear with the series 20 focusing on an elegant design and industry-leading camera, but more on that later.

So what do you need to know about the Honor series 20?

Well first of all, as mentioned previously Honor is most certainly targetting the younger generations of phone users, designing the series 20 around their target market instead of industry trends which is nice to see. Its design is very bold and pleasing on the eye, especially with Honors new Phantom blue and Phantom black colours with their holographic, light-reflecting finish. But of course, there is one big elephant in the room. There was little mention of the latest development between Huawei and Google in regards to Android, but it has been revealed that by 2020 Honor & Huawei both plan on having their own OS in operation. It just seems a bit of a shame that a genuinely good phone could potentially be held back from consumers by trade politics.

What are the specs?

The Honor 20 Pro, arguably the most ambitious of the range has a Kirin 980 processor with 8GB of DDR4 ram and a top capacity of 256GB. It also has not three, but four cameras - A 48MP main camera, a 16MP superwide camera, a 8MP telephoto lens and a 2MP macro lens. That’s incredible for a phone that only costs £599. It also has a 6.26” display with a pinhole selfie camera. Most notable though is the bezel around the screen is very thin which makes for seamless viewing for games and films. Three new colours are coming for the 20 and 20 Pro - including the brilliant Phantom Blue; which is a fantastic blend of blue and green. As well as a Phantom Black; which is a black and purple mix that looks great under the light.

Other colours include Honors previous midnight black, Sapphire blue and a new addition to the range; Icelandic white.

Honor 20 Pro Specifications

Processor: Kirin 980
Storage: up to 256GB
Battery: 4000mAh
Sound: Virtual 9.1 surround sound (No headphone jack)
Fingerprint: Scanner, side mounted
Camera: 16MP Superwide, 48MP Main camera, 8MP Telephoto, 2PM Macro lens. 32MP Selfie camera
Camera Sensor: Sony IMX 586 Sensor F1.4 - 4 Axis

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