What's new with iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod?

Apple unveiled the next generation of its mobile operating system iOS 10 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, on June 13th at WWDC.

CEO Tim Cook described it as the "biggest release ever" for iOS users, and the operating system includes major updates for a wide variety of apps, services, and features, including Messages, Siri, Photos, Maps, Apple Music, News, Apple Pay, Control Center, and more.

Here are our favourite new features and updates...

Redesigned Lock Screen

The redesigned lock screen supports new rich notifications that offer deeper interactions with 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. You can accept invitations, respond to messages, and stay in a messages thread, live, all on the lock screen. You can see live animated progress of your Uber driver after 3D Touching an Uber notification. And - exactly like on the Apple Watch - you can do 3D Touch press and then clear all notifications.

ios 10 lock screen


Some of the most significant changes in iOS 10 are to the Messages app, which is gaining new features to make conversations more personalized, expressive, and fun. You'll be able to alter the way message bubbles look, send quick 'Tapback' responses, and even add animations like balloons, confetti, and fireworks.

Invisible ink messages will stay invisible until you slide a finger over them, and Messages now supports handwritten notes.

Emoji in the Messages app are now three times larger, and there's a new predictive Emoji feature that will automatically suggest words that can be replaced with emoji symbols.

But the biggest addition of all will be iMessage apps. This will allow third party developers able to make their own Stickers, GIFs, and more to enhance messages.

ios 10 messaging


Apple is using artificial intelligence and context cues to offer more suitable and relevant suggestions when typing.

QuickType is going to become more proactive at bringing in data from other apps and offering it as part of your responses. If someone asks where you are, it will offer your location as a suggested response; if someone asks for a person's email address and iOS thinks it knows who that is, it will suggest the relevant contact details.

There will also be support for multilingual typing - you won't have to switch keyboards to do type in different languages.


Photos in iOS 10 includes a new "Memories" tab that is designed to help users discover favorite and forgotten moments. Memories scans all of a user's photos and videos to find people, places, and things, and group them up intelligently. Live Photos can be edited in iOS 10 for the first time with new Live Filters.

Other new features include Apple Pay on the web, a side-by-side Safari split view on iPad, Notes collaboration, VoIP calls integration in the Phone app, voicemail transcription, and a BedTime Alarm to schedule reminders to go to bed at a set time. There are dozens of other smaller changes which will make Apple devices that much easier and more fun to use.

iOS 10 is available on the iPhone 5 and later, iPad mini 2 and later, iPad 4 and later, and the 6th generation iPod touch. It will see a wide release alongside the next-generation iPhones in autumn.

ios 10 memories

Raise To Wake

With “Raise to Wake” you can see your lock screen without touching your phone. Your phone 'wakes up' as you lift your device. This move was needed as Touch ID had become so fast with the iPhone 6s that you wouldn’t see your notifications on your lock screen.


Siri is also receiving a big upgrade with third-party integrations. This means that you'll be able to activate non-Apple apps and functions via voice control. Some of the third-party integrations coming include Uber, WhatsApp, Skype and Slack.siri ios 10

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