How To Turn On ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode On Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Last Updated: 11th July 2018

Putting your Samsung Galaxy on ‘mute’ sometimes just isn’t enough - your phone still flashes up with every new notification and you still receive incoming calls, all of which can be a big distraction when you’re in an important meeting, or perhaps you’re just trying to knuckle down and focus on your work.

Regardless of the reason, ‘do not disturb’ is a useful feature, and it’s accessible at the touch of a button, or two. We’ve outlined some basic steps for you to follow to explore your ‘do not disturb’ settings which are already built into your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Step one: Access all of your apps by clicking your ‘apps’ button

Step two: Find the settings cog and select

Step three: Scroll down to find the ‘sounds and vibration’ menu item and select

Step four: Selecting that option will present you with a long list of options, find and select ‘do not disturb’

Step five: If you’re happy with all the default ‘do not disturb’ options, you can just click the enabling tab and you won’t receive any disturbances except for any alarms you have already set. If you want to explore all the options, click on the ‘do not disturb’ tab itself.

Step six: You’ll now be able to see which settings you can amend to fit your ‘do not disturb’ needs.

Options include:

  • Enable now - this is simply another way you can turn your ‘do not disturb’ on or off
  • Enable as scheduled - here you can set which days of the week you want your pre-set ‘do not disturb’ settings to actively run and between which times. (This option is perfect for keeping your personal and business life separate at the weekends!)
  • Allow exceptions - the default exception, as mentioned above excludes alarms. You can choose to allow no exceptions or you can create your own custom exceptions. Custom can include repeat callers, calls from specific contacts and messages from specific contacts. Amongst other exceptions.
  • General notification pop-ups - you can control what you see notification-wise when your screen is on, and whether you want LED indicators to light up signifying a notification when your screen is off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 'do not disturb' function on my Samsung?

A: The 'do not disturb' function on Samsung Galaxy devices allows you to mute all calls and alerts from coming showing on your device. You are able to set exceptions to this and schedule it to start and end at certain times.

Q: Will the 'do not disturb' mode affect people calling or texting me?

A: No, this mode doesn't affect anything coming through to your phone, it just doesn't light up your screen or make a noise when you receive something.

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Article By Helen Jackson

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