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How To Take A Screenshot On The Samsung Galaxy

Posted: Oct 04 2016


There are 2 different ways of taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy phone, which are explained below.


Method 1 - Button Pressing

Simply press down and hold the Power Button (found on the side of the device) + Home Button at the same time. Once the screenshot has been taken you will see a notification displaying the screenshot taken which you can click on, and view / edit the screenshot. 



Method 2 - Palm Swipe

This method is much more difficult than method 1 and does take some practising. Firstly go into the settings and make sure the palm swipe to capture feature is switched on, which can be found in the motions and gestures / advanced features section. Now simple swipe the palm of your hand across the screen right to left or left to right. Just like method one, once the screenshot has been captured you will see a notification which you can click on to either view or edit the picture. 



* This method of taking a screenshot is only available to users of Samsung Galaxy S5 upwards. 



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