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How To Use Split Screen On Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7

Posted: Feb 11 2016

Do you want to watch your favourite YouTube videos whilst reading your important emails at the same time? Well, now you can with your Samsung Galaxy (Samsung Galaxy S6 upwards) with the split screen option, see below on how to make the split screen feature work.
How To Use Split Screen On Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7
  1. Open the two apps you want to use for the split screen function.
  2. Now open the carousel by using the recent key option which is located on the left of the home button. Now select the split screen icon next to the X found at the top right corner of the app you want to be shown at the top of this screen, the chosen app will now appear in the top half of the screen.
  3. The bottom half of the screen will still display the carousel screen, simply, select any app in the carousel to open up in the bottom half.
  4. To get out of the split screen function, you can either click the home button or select the recent key to return to an app of your choice. 




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