How To Use S Voice On Samsung Galaxy

What Is S Voice?

S Voice is an intelligent build in personal assistant found on all the latest Samsung mobile phones and tablets. Samsung device owners can use this function to make appointments, open apps, set alarms, update social network pages, answer various different questions, get recommendations and much more.

What Samsung Devices Use S Voice?

All Samsung Android devices from 2013 or later.

How To Use S Voice

1. Press the Home button twice or find the app on your home screen. Look like this >

Samsung Galaxy S Voice

2. Ask S Voice for what you want.


If you hesitate, S-Voice assumes that you are not ready to talk and goes into a sleep mode. To wake it up, just say “Hi Galaxy.”

You Can Ask S Voice The Following:

- The time.

- To set an alarm.

- To turn Wi – Fi on or off.

- The weather forecast.

- To set a countdown timer.

- To record your voice.

- To open an app.

- To start playing a playlist.

- To add an appointment to your schedule.

- To find a local restaurant, store, or public location.

- To navigate to an address or location.

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