QMF Picks Of The Week - June 27th 2016

Welcome to our second edition of QMF's Top Picks Of The Week, tailored by our marketing duo Sean and Eva. Here we pick our favourite app, article and video of the week and share our thoughts on them. So keep reading to find out our top picks for this week!

Sean's Picks Of The Week


Grabble Shopping App


This has been labelled the Tinder of shopping. It can be addictive and you can find some great deals which have been personalised based on your interests.

Download on iOS

(If you are an Android user, you'll need to wait a little longer as the Android app isn't quite ready!)


Uber to do away with surge pricing (via Phone Arena)

As a regular Uber customer, this is great news! Now we will know the exact price of the journey before it's over, without any nasty surprises.


This is a fantastic video by Moto seeing how long people could go without there phone. I'm pretty certain I could last longer than a minute without my mobile.... I think.

Eva's Picks Of The Week


Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

I'm not usually one for having games on my phone but my best friend got me hooked on this! It's simple, good fun with adorable graphics. You literally just collect kittens though.

Download on Android and iOS


Clown, Avocado, And Owl Emojis Are Finally Here (via BuzzFeed News)

New Unicode Emojis

Unicode released 72 new emojis on Tuesday and I can't wait for my emoji keyboard to update! My favourites are the fox, the selfie hand, the fist bumps, the paella and of course the black heart. I'm still waiting on that sakter/skateboard emoji though.


This is an old commercial for the Japanese service provider 'au' featuring Japanese singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I really love the interactive visual effects the crowd create with their phones. Since so many people have their phones out at music gigs, it makes sense to incorporate them into the performance in such a creative way. I'd love to experience something like this.

Come back next week for more Top Picks and share with your friends!

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