QMF Picks Of The Week - July 4th 2016

Welcome to our weekly edition of QMF's Top Picks Of The Week, tailored by our marketing duo Sean and Eva. Here we pick our favourite app, article and video of the week and share our thoughts on them. So keep reading to find out our top picks for this week!

Sean's Picks Of The Week


Tiny Planet FX Pro

This fun little app will keep you occupied for hours!

Download on Android

(This specific app isn't available on iOS but there are similar ones like so)


Samsung plans to launch 'game-changing' smartphones you can BEND and FOLD in 2017 (via The Mirror)

This would be an amazing development for the mobile phone industry and would save me some much valuable pocket space!


Do you love your phone this much?

Eva's Picks Of The Week



Spotify is my App Pick Of The Week simply because Jamie T has finally released a new track after his last EP in 2015. I've been listening to it on repeat since it was made available on Spotify last Friday. Listen to Tinfoil Boy here

Download on Android and iOS


iPad Pro, for Illustrators (via Jelly Stlye)


I've been debating giving the iPad Pro a try after my tattoo artist told me how great it is for drawing his work to be stenciled/ I enjoy doodling on my iPad mini but that's child's play compared to what the Pro model offers. This article is a great review and comparison to a graphics tablet and has definitely steered me towards trying the device out.


I recently re-watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens and fell in love with little BB-8 again. Despite it's size, this toy is the closest thing to having you're own little droid. You control it with your phone and can also access see BB-8 project holograms through the camera. A nifty, but expensive little toy well worth the price.

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