Apple And Samsung Continue To Take Top Spots In Smartphone Sales

Posted: Nov 05 2015

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It’s hard to believe that until around five years ago Nokia were dominant manufacturers in mobile phone sales. It was then that Apple and Samsung started edging in to take the title.

Apple soared up the rankings in 2009 with the launch of their iPhone 3GS, and Samsung weren’t far behind with the impressive Samsung Tocco Ultra. The following year Apple sealed the deal and took the top spot with their iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S then took second place and it was clear that Nokia’s glory days were coming to an end.

This has meant that for the last few years Nokia haven’t even been contenders for any of the top spots. They have continued to sign off on multi-million dollar contracts with other technology companies, and this has meant that although mobile phone sales may be declining, the profits are still sufficient and they are producing strong quarterly results.

Apple managed to continue beating sales figures for all other manufacturers until late 2011, when its top competitors Samsung, produced amazing overall sales figures which were mainly the result of Galaxy S4. It was, however, short lived, and although Samsung still often dominate overall sales, the Apple iPhone remains at the helm. At the end of 2014 Apple sold a record 74.8 million iPhones, which pushed overall smartphone sales over the one billion mark for the first time ever. Compare that to iPhone sales five years ago, at the end of 2010, they had sold just 14.1 million iPhones globally. With these breakthrough sales iPhones took 20.4% of the market, just edging ahead of Samsung who claimed 19.9%.

Mobile phones were revolutionised with the first ever capacitive touch-screen device, which wasn't actually the iPhone, but the classic LG Prada. Since that, LG have continued to produce streamlined and great quality smartphones, The Week rate their LG G4 as the most eye-catching device of 2015 (The Week, 2015) . However, it just hasn't been enough to compete with Samsung and Apple. LG may have introduced the touch-screen but it was Apple that revolutionised it under Tim Cook’s leadership.



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(Graph from fortune.com)

Samsung and Apple continue to battle at the top this year with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but so far Apple are winning with overall profits. Samsung’s mobile phone sales are up, however their revenue is down. It seems that they are selling more of the inexpensive/ less popular devices such as the Galaxy J series, despite the S6 family launch. The iPhone 6 and its 3D touch will supposedly change how you interact with your iPhone completely so it looks as though Apple’s success is set to continue.

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