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What Is Error 53 On Apple Devices?

Posted: Jul 08 2015

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Error 53 is a problem that occurs on most Apple devices that have the Touch ID function. This error message usually appears when either the Touch ID sensor/home button, cable or ribbon has been damaged or changed. It seems impossible to update these Apple devices without having the original parts in place.


Currently (08/07/2015) Apple do not list this error in their official errors list.


There are a few possible solutions to correct this problem, which are listed below:
- Keep trying to install the latest version of iTunes (This may take 3 or 4 attempts)
- Make sure your Windows PC or your Mac is fully updated.
- Temporary disable all security software on your computer.
- Remove all USB devices, the Apple device, the mouse and the keyboard from the computer.
- Keep restarting the computer and the Apple device.
- Try a different USB port and a different USB cable for the Apple device.


If all these fail, it's recommended you contact Apple directly. 

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