The Best London Public Transport Apps 2015

If you find yourself travelling around London by public transport, the chances are, there will be delays or some sort of strike going on. Therefore, its vital you have all the tools to combat this. Below, you will find a list of apps you can download to help you avoid any travel chaos across London.

London Underground

London Underground Apps

Tube Exists App (Price - 79p from date 07/07/2015) -

This phone app tells you which carriage to hop on to ensure you depart the train at the best possible place on the platform, ensuring you have a quicker and smoother journey.

Tube Map London Underground App (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

This app which is now available on the Apple Watch, helps you navigate your way around the busy London Underground network. The app will inform you of up to date delays and/or line closures.


London Bike App

Santander Cycles App (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

Formerly known as the Boris bikes, you can easily rent a bike from pick up points dotted across the capital without having to speak to a single person.

London Bus

London Bus Apps

UK Bus Checker (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

This covers all of the UK's 300,000 bus stops and gives you real time bus travel information.

Bus Mapper (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

Winner of Apple's App of the Week and Sunday Times Best Apps in the World, this mobile phone app gives you all the latest bus news across London.

London Bus Live Countdown - Free Bus Stop Checker (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

This app has two very useful functions, the first gives you a live bus countdown, and the second, helps you find bus stops in your local area.

London Boat

London Boat App

MBNA Thames Clippers App (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

Download this app to avoid the queues and travel across London on the River Thames.

London Taxi Cab

London Cab Apps

Addison Lee Car Booking App -

Addison Lee is one of London's most trusted cab services. This app allows you to do a number of different things, including finding out the fare before travelling and selecting which vehicle you prefer to travel in.

Uber (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

This controversial app enables users to pay before travelling, meaning no cash is needed for the journey and pick from a number of different drivers based on ratings left by previous customers.

Hailo (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

Book a cab ride in just two taps using the Hailo mobile phone app.

Kabbee (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

This helpful app compares all cab fares across London, making sure you get the best price for your journey.

Other Useful London Public Transport Apps

London Transport Planner App -

This app gives you everything you need to plan a successful journey across the capital, including offline maps and tube station toilet directions.

City Mapper App (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

Even if your a travelling pro, this handy app will help you travel across London quicker and easier, giving you up to date information on all of London's travel links.

ATM Hunter App (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

If your still a person who prefers paying in cash or you need to check if you have enough money to put on your Oyster Card, this app could be a useful time saver.

Oyster Info App (Price - Free from date 07/07/2015) -

Top up and find out the latest balance of your Oyster Card directly from your mobile phone.