Tips And Tricks On How To Save Your iPhone Battery Life

Posted: Apr 01 2015

How To Save Battery On The iPhone

Have you ever been stranded in a public location and your phones dies on you? Or ever need your iPhone to charge up quickly as urgent? Well, there are some magical tips and tricks you can do to your iPhone to save battery life and charge faster- which will overall avoid the frustration of a dead battery.


1. Turn Off App Notifications

Person Holding An iPhone

Notifications On The iPhone

Some apps send you pointless news almost every hour. Every notification you receive on your iPhone sucks down the battery life. To save this you will need to go into your 'Settings' menu and switch the 'Notifications Alert Style' off. Otherwise, in the same notification settings area you can individually select the least interesting app/s off. 


2. Change Your Display Settings

Display Settings On The iPhone

Display takes the majority of your iPhone battery power. If you need your battery life to stay alive longer then the best way is to reduce the brightness and change the wallpaper image to a image with less resolution. Drag the shortcut menu bar on the home screen and reduce the brightness when phone is not in use.


3. Remove Background Refreshing

Person Using The iPhone

The most predominant thing that people don't realise with their mobile phone is that once your apps loads up, it still automatically runs and refreshes in the background. Apps are the biggest drain on mobile phones, especially apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To save more efficient battery life, double click on the Home Key and drag the apps upwards to close the app running in the background.


4. Switch to Airplane Mode - For a Faster Battery Recharge

Changing iPhone Settings

Airplane mode is not only for flying use. The airplane mode stops your phone from constant searching for a stable connection, especially when your signal is poor. Switching the airplane mode helps maintain the battery level that's been draining wireless. Select that mode whilst your phone is plugged in to recharge the battery up twice as fast.

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