Pay Per Laugh - Comedy Club Charge Customers Per Giggle

comedy club Teatreneu

A popular comedy club in Barcelona, Spain called Teatreneu have developed a new way to charge people for having a giggle. Using a facial recognition programme they will charge their customers around 23p per chuckle rather than paying a flat standard fee. Entry to the comedy club is free and your bill is capped at around £18, which ensures you can have a laugh without paying the earth at the end of the show.

This new Pay Per Laugh software is installed on tablets and attached to the back of each seat. This creative money making scheme was put in place in response to the recent tax increase put on the entertainment industry by the Spanish government which caused a massive drop in ticket sales.

So far, this pricing experiment has shown some promising results and has led to the comedy club creating a Pay Per Laugh season ticket app, so you can have a laugh all year round for less. This could catch on, as many other entertainment companies in Spain are copying this method for their own customers.