Return Of Our Favourite Flip Phone?

No more pocket-dialing your boss, procrastinating on Instagram or smashing your phone screen... Is the Motorola RAZR making a comeback?

The video below was released a month ago on the Motorola Mobility Youtube channel and teases with the description 'Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future.' Give it a watch and rejoice in the nostalgia!

We were hoping for an Android refresh of the early-noughties teen favourite at the Lenovo Tech World on June 9th, along with the unveiling of new Moto X devices. Sadly this is not the case:

“We love how the throwback video has been embraced and the excitement it has generated,” says Morotola rep Kathryn Hanley. “The RAZR was one of the most iconic phones ever designed and redefined how stylish a mobile phone can be. While Moto is not re-releasing the RAZR, we will transform mobile again on June 9.” (Time,2016)

We'd love to see the RAZR make a comeback in it's original form. Maybe it will in twenty more years once it's considered retro and nobody remembers telephone cords anymore. In the meantime, we have to settle for our fragile and exposed smartphone screens, which we can repair for you here at Quick Mobile Fix!