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Are you looking to lose that leftover Christmas and Easter weight and get fit for the hot summer ahead? (fingers crossed)
Below, we have compiled a list of the best fitness apps around at the moment to help you achieve all your fitness and health goals. ? ??


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Known for being the world's largest route and trail resource, this app is perfect for runners and cyclists. However, it is not just a resource but also a community where Strava users share everything from performance times, workouts, routes, photos, stories and much more. The Strava app is compatible with both the iPhone and Apple Watch but also most GPS devices out there too.

My Fitness Pal

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When you're trying to get fit it's important you watch what you eat & drink and keep note of how many calories you're taking in, what is good for you and what food to avoid.
The My Fitness Pal app has an unrivalled database of different food types and meals, which makes it easier for users to correctly track their calorie intake and learn which foods they should avoid in future.


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Voted LifeHacker's best running app in 2012 this app is perfect for dedicated runners or those just looking to get into running.
The app allows runners to fully track their running pace, run distance and weight loss plus allows users to set their own training goals based on their preferences. The app is also quite interactive, allowing users of the app to join challenges, gain rewards, share achievements and connect directly with their Spotify account.


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If you need an incentive to get fit then perhaps DietBet is the app for you.
Simply put, users of the app put money into a pot (not literally) set a goal, lose weight (hopefully) and then share the money once the objective has been met.This could be a good way to join a community that encourages you and earn a little as you go.


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If you want a personal trainer but can't afford the high prices your local gym charges then this could be the perfect app for you.
Costing $1 a day (less than a pound) the Fitocrazy app enables you to select a coach which will help you reach your fitness related goals. Your selected coach will create customised nutrition plans and personalised workouts for you and will be contactable at any time if you need help, they will also give you daily guidance to ensure you stay on track.

Run An Empire (Only For iPhone)

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If you're a fan of games like Age Of Empire and want to combine this gameplay with fitness then Run An Empire is the one for you.
This real life strategy game encourages users to claim new land in the name of their empire, invade opponent's land and stop others from attacking their empire, which is all done by running and exploring.

Zombies Run

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Wait, did you hear that? Yes, it's true, this app has been downloaded by over 1 million people and has an astonishing 200 missions available.
The app is very much like the Shaun Of The Dead film where if you are too slow the zombies will have you for breakfast, therefore, as soon as you hear their creepy noises, it's time to get your skates on (or running shoes).

Fit Radio

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If you can't complete a workout without listening to music, then you need this app. The app has a huge range of music from all different genres with new mixes released on a daily basis.
Their pace matching technology finds the perfect playlist for users based on the pace and beat of their workout.

Charity Miles

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What could be better than getting healthier and giving to charity at the same time? The Charity Miles app encourages you to exercise whilst raising money for your favourite charity (Currently over 30 to choose from). This is a great way to stay motivated whilst making the world a better place.

The Walk

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From the makers of the popular Zombies Run app (featured above) The Walk puts you in charge of a very important package that could save the world.
The challenge covers 500 miles and comes along with 65 episodes and 800 minutes of audio, so this should keep you busy for a while.


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Yogaia is an online yoga and pilates (other classes available too) studio with live classes which includes real life instructors which can see you and correct any faults if needed.
The classes have set times but if for some reason you can't make it, there's a library of recorded classes for you to go through in your own time.

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