3 Apps That Could Be Taking Up The Most Storage

We all dread that message that pops up stating ‘storage almost full’, and it always seems to be right as you’re about to install the latest software update. When this message is displayed, you usually think of deleting a huge amount of photos. Before you start deleting all kinds of precious memories, we’ve listed a few of the top apps guilty of devouring your phone’s storage and memory. The three apps below are only a selection of the apps that can easily take up your phone memory and storage unnecessarily. If you have these three apps on your smartphone, read on to find how you can minimise storage wastage.

3 Apps That Could Be Taking Up The Most Storage


It’s probably no surprise that the well-loved music app takes up so much of your storage. With the ability to save songs offline for when Wi-Fi streaming isn’t available, you’ll definitely be clogging up your storage space. So try and refrain from downloading any songs offline!

Google Maps

If you’ve got an Android smartphone, you’ll already have Google Maps preloaded onto your device. Instead of ‘disabling’ the app and finding an alternative, you can just clear the cached journey data your app has stored. You’ll find this option in your app settings. Navigate to settings > all apps > Google Maps > storage > clear cache.


WhatsApp has become an app that makes keeping in touch with friends and family so easy! And you don’t dip into your text allowance. But did you know it can store all media files including photos and videos, in your smartphone image gallery? You can stop it saving photos straight to your phone in the app’s settings. So next time you’re struggling for space, check out your image sub-folder titled ‘WhatsApp’ and start deleting!

How To Remove Unwanted Apps

If you’ve checked out the apps above and cleared their cached data and deleted your offline Spotify songs, what else can you do? We’ve highlighted some steps you can take below to find and remove unwanted apps really easily!

  1. Navigate to your settings folder
  2. Locate ‘all apps’ - terminology could be different depending on phone
  3. Here you should now see a full list of all your downloaded and preloaded applications
  4. To uninstall and remove any of your apps simply click into the app and choose the uninstall option

If you have an Android, alternatively, hold down the app you wish to uninstall. You will notice the option to uninstall the app appears, simply select.

If you have an iPhone, again, hold down the app you wish to delete and you’ll notice an ‘X’ will appear next to the app, click to delete.

Extra storage saver tip: To save more space on your phone, try accessing your general ‘cached data’ through your settings tab and clear it on a regular basis.

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Article By Helen Jackson

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