Best Apps for Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is a great advantage for anyone as it allows us to interact with people from other cultures. But enrolling in language classes takes time and effort, something that most people nowadays don't have in abundance.

Now, with the development of smartphone technology, learning another language is as faster and easier. So make the most of your daily commute, download one of these app and start learning!


Duolingo Logo

Duolingo is a free science-based language education platform that has organically become the most popular way to learn languages online with a total of 120 million users worldwide.

The app works similar to a game where users receive experience points for every correct answer and receive in-game currency called Lingots that can be used to purchase items from Duolingo's virtual store.

The available languages to learn are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Russian, Turkish, Danish, and many more. Many other languages are being added progressively as users can contribute to the course development, even Klingon!

Duolingo will send you daily reminders to study and you can compare your progress with friends so that you stay motivated and keep up with your learning.

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Memrise Logo

Memrise is an online learning community where one can learn almost anything in the world, entirely for free. Through just the right mix of science, fun and community, learning on Memrise is speedy, enjoyable and lasts. Unlike other apps, its sole purpose is to help you memorize words, hence the name.

The app features more than 200 language courses formed of so-called “mems,” user-generated mnemonic flash cards that rely on graphics, humor, and imagination to implant new vocabulary in your memory.

Much like Duolingo, it offers social integration and daily reminders to keep the user motivated.

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Babbel Logo

Babbel makes language learning easy, effective and convenient for everyone. With our courses, you’ll learn by doing and progress fast. The course material is broken into small blocks that are useful in everyday life: grammar and vocabulary practice are built into units that focus on practical things like getting to know someone, ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, or sightseeing.

Just like Duolingo, Babbel also lets users learn to understand a language by completing and repeating phrases. The app is free to download but there is a monthly subscription cost.

Babbel also uses a custom goal system that allows users to set benchmarks as they learn a foreign language and to monitor their progress as well.

Users can choose from Babbel's different language apps such as German, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. These apps can be downloaded individually so that learners can focus on a single set of lessons before moving on to another language.

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Bussuu Logo

Busuu teaches users how to read and write one of 12 languages, but people are also encouraged to listen and speak a foreign language by interacting with native speakers.

After each lesson, Busuu users are taken to a mock conversation. The app will play a video recording of another person speaking, and once it is through, the user is asked to record his or her response. Members also can improve their language skills through interactive courses and direct interaction with native speakers via an integrated video-­chat application and peer-to-peer text corrections.

Dialogues, writing exercises, and audio recordings are also part of the mix, but grammar-focused lessons, video units, and printable PDF files are only available via paid memberships. However, the free lessons are available on the app.

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