How do I track my order with Quick Mobile Fix

The order tracker can be found by clicking on the 'Track My Order' button found at the top of the website. By using our handy order tracker you can see the progress of your order, which is regularly updated by our customer service team.

Track Your Order with Quick Mobile Fix

Logging In

To log in to the order tracker, all you need is the email address used when registering and the order ID given to you in your order confirmation email (if you cant find this, please get in touch.)


In the order tracker our customer service team leave notes to help our customers find out what is happening with their order. Below, you will find a few explanations on what these notes actually mean:

Waiting To Receive Device - This means we are still waiting to receive your device.

Item Received - We have received your device.

IMEI - *************** - This is the IMEI code of the device we have received, this is taken for security purposes to ensure we send back the correct device. And if we get a returned device it is the same device originally repaired.

S/N - This is the serial number of the device, again this is taken for security purposes to ensure we send back the correct device. And if we get a returned device it is the same device originally repaired.

Passcode - We usually ask for the pass-code so we can fully test the device before we send it back.

Assigned To Technician - This means we have assigned the job to a certain skilled technician, however, this does not always mean, work has commenced on the device.

Shipped - This means your device has been sent back (not necessarily by ship!).

Additional Payment Email Sent - We have sent you an additional payment email to the email address used when registering. Once the payment has been made the repair will commence. If you can't find this email please get in touch.

Received Payment - This is confirmation we have received the payment and the repair will commence.

Courtesy Shall Be Dispatched Shortly - The courtesy phone / rental phone ordered will soon be sent out to the customer.

Shipped Courtesy / Rental Phone - The courtesy phone / rental phone has been sent to the customer.

Awaiting Parts - This means the part required to complete the repair is out of stock and new parts have been ordered.

Cannot Be Tested - This means for some reason we can't test the device. This could be for a number of reasons, such as, no pass-code was provided or the LCD is damaged so there is no picture.

Awaiting Response - We have contacted the customer, usually by email, and we are waiting for a response before we can proceed to the next stage.

Emailed Regarding Order - This means we have emailed you regarding your order. Please check the email address you used when placing the order.

Failed Testing Process - This means your device has failed the testing process and will go back to the technicians for inspection and / or repair. After the inspection and / or repair has been completed it will be tested again.

Change To Billing Address - This means the billing address has been changed usually due to a request from the customer.

Alternately, you can download our free app to keep updated with your order:

Quick Mobile Fix Google Play App

If you have any other queries relating to the Quick Mobile Fix Order Tracker please email us on


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