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Last updated: 22nd June 2018

How To Wrap Your Device For Quick Mobile Fix

At Quick Mobile Fix, we understand sending your device away in the post or by courier can be a little scary, but as long as it's packed correctly, it will be totally safe and unharmed.

Please follow these steps:

1. First, make sure you have a sturdy box (this could be the original box the mobile phone or tablet came in, which we always send back to you) or a padded envelope (seen above). At the checkout, you also have the option to buy the packaging seen above for £4.99 (bubble bag, box and envelope), which we recommend you using.

2. Place your device in the bubble bag provided, or your own bubble wrap. If you don't have bubble wrap then newspaper is a good alternative.

3. Put the bubble bag with your device inside, into the box provided. A box isn't essential but offers great protection during transit.

4. You'll then need to put the box inside the main envelope (which will have the address on it). The one we provide is lined with bubble wrap for even more protection.

5. Include the correct paperwork inside, this could be your confirmation email printed out or hand written. Your order ID is essential.

4. Attatch the free postage label (UK customers only) to the front of the envelope, and write your order ID in the space provided. Then secure the envelope securely shut.

6. Take it to your local post office and make sure you receive a receipt. This is your proof of postage and will have your tracking information on it.

7. Finally, wait for your item to come back repaired and working like new.

How To Wrap Your Device For Quick Mobile Fix

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it free to send my phone to Quick Mobile Fix?

A: Yes! We offer a free postal service to UK customers. You will receive your free post label via email once you have completed your repair booking online.

Q: What happens if my device gets lost in the post?

A: Although it's a rare occurrence, sometimes parcels can get lost in the post. This is why we offer insurance of up to £500 with our free post labels.

Q: Can I track my repair or order?

A: Of course! You can track your repair or order using our order tracker.

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