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Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Will It Take To Repair My Mobile Device?

Is There Anything I Should Do Before Sending In My Mobile Device?

How Do I Send In My Mobile Device For Repair?

When Do I Pay For The Repair?

I Don't Know What Is Wrong With My Mobile Device, Can You Help?

Can I Track My Repair Order?

Do You Have A Walk In Centre?

I Can't Find The Confirmation Or The Free Postage Label

How Do I Return The Rental Phone?

I Don't Want To Go Without A Phone When I Send It Off To Be Repaired

Do You Supply Any Packaging?

Why We Ask For Pictures?

What Does Unable To Test Mean?

My Order Tracker Has Not Been Updated In A While, What Does This Mean?

How Can I Find My Repair Order ID?

Can I Book A Repair Over The Phone?

What Does Your No Fix, No Fee Policy Cover?

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Water / Liquid Damaged Device ?

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Motherboard Related Issue?

How Long Will Software Related Repairs Take ?

Will My Device Remain Waterproof After The Repair?

Are The Devices Tested?

Can I Cancel My Repair Order?

Do You Repair Blocked Devices?


Is There A Warranty On Your Mobile Device Repairs?

What Does The Warranty Cover On Your Refurbished Phones?

How Long Is The Warranty On A Battery Related Repair?

On Refurbished Devices Sold How Long Are The Batteries Covered For?


What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

I'm Having Problems Checking Out, What Can I Do?

Why Do You Ask For Additional Information?

Can I Pay With Credit Card?

Do I Have To Pay For The Additional Repair(s)?

Refurbished Phones

Do You Sell Refurbished Phones?

Can I Track My Phone Order?

I Can't Find The Confirmation Email For My Order

Do Your Refurbished Phones Come With A Warranty?

How Can I Find My Phone Order ID?

What Cover Do Customers Get When Buying A Refurbished Phone From Quick Mobile Fix?

Can I Come In To Your Store And Look At Your Refurbished Phones?

How Long Will It Take For My Refurbished Phone Order To Get Sent Out?

Can I Buy A Refurbished Phone Over The Phone?

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Refurbished Phone?

Does Your Unlocked Refurbished Phones Work With All Networks From Across The World?

Are The Refurbished Devices Tested?

Do You Have A Wholesale Service For Your Refurbished Phones?

About Quick Mobile Fix

What Areas Do You Cover?

What Is Your VAT Number?

Are You Open During The Weekend?

Where Are You Based?

I'm Not Receiving Any Emails Back

Do You Offer A Wholesale Service?

Postage (Sending & Returns)

I'm Not Happy With My Order, What Can I Do?

How Do You Return My Device?

Should I Post My Parcel In The Postbox?

What Should I Do, If the courier tries to Charge me for my Freepost Label Provided?

Do You Deliver To Countries Outside Of The UK?

How Much Does Postage Cost For Customers From The Republic Of Ireland?

What Should I Do If My Item Is Damaged By The Courier?

Where Is My Nearest UPS Depot?

Can I Change The Address On My Order?


Can I Buy A Refurbished Phone From Your Website On Finance?

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